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U.K Wing Chun Supplies is an industry-leading online U.K. Wing Chun Supply Store based in Scunthorpe U.K. We carry a variety of Wing Chun products suitable for every practitioners needs, from budget knifes to professional equipment like wooden dummies.


We work directly with the manufacturers in China cutting out the middle man and allowing us to get you the highest quality equipment along with the fairest possible prices anywhere in the U.K. 


We were founded in 2008 by John Mann under the Mann Family School of Kung Fu that still runs schools teaching Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu across Lincolnshire today, now we are proud to be adding U.K. Wing Chun Supplies to our family as well.


Having three generations of Wing Chun practitioners and marshal arts teachers in our own family has made it very easy for us to source what is needed for anyone practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu in the U.K. today, leaning on our own personal training experiences and requirements over the years to bring our customers and students exactly what's needed to help them grow and develop their Wing Chun skills for years to come. 


Why not take a look at our online shop today to see what we have that can help your Wing Chun training or simply get in contact with UK Wing Chun Supplies using the contact us page to ask any questions you might have.