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There’s nothing like the smell of old books or the crack of a new one’s spine. As it turns out, diving into a page-turner can also offer benefits toward your health and happiness.


Although more and more people own e-books, it seems safe to say that real books aren’t going anywhere yet, and these benefits of reading are here to stay.

Eighty-eight percent of the people who read e-books continue to read printed ones as well. And while we’re all for the convenience of digital downloads and a lighter load, we can’t bring ourselves to part with the joy of a good, old-fashioned read of some classic Martial Art books. 


When we talk about healthy habits and good Kung Fu training, we might as well add reading books to the list.


Here at UK Wing Chun Supplies you can find a collection of books that are recommended to help improve your Wing Chun training. Why not have a look and see what you can add to your personal collection at home.