In the unlikely event you will need or want to return a product to us, then you can return any product to us within 14 days of receiving it if you are not happy and have not yet used them, but there are a few things to consider. you will need to pay the returns postage your self and follow the process below in order to get a full refund. 1, you will need to take detailed pictures of the product you would like to return. 2, email your detailed pictures showing clearly the condition of the product to us and returns request with reason why to ukwingchunsupplies@gmail.com. 3, await our confirmation email with returns address in it to send your product to. 4, send your product back to the returns address using recorded delivery ONLY. 5, allow up to 14 days from us receiving your return before we issue your refund. WARNING!! failing to complete the steps above will mean you may not get a full refund or in some cases WILL NOT BE REFUNDED!! so please make sure the steps are followed to the letter so we can return your money as soon as possible with no problems, thank you.


We use a number of delivery services depending on what location you are in and what you have ordered. We take care to package all products so they arrive in the condition you would expect so we know you will be happy when you receive your order. We aim to post orders daily at 3pm, anything ordered after this time will be added to the following days shipping. Everything we send is recorded delivery so we can be sure you receive your package when your supposed to, to the address you provided. U.K, delivery's normally take no more than 5 days from ordering to you receiving the item depending on what product you choose, smaller items are faster with the bigger ones like the wooden dummy's taking slightly longer to deliver. Please keep in mind due to COVID19 delivery's can take slightly longer sometimes but mostly we have not been effected.


yes we do but somethings would need to be considered to get the best prices, for example the minimum ordering number to get the wholesale prices for our dummy's is 5 items a time, knifes are 10 items a time. For more details or so we can put a quote together for you please use the contact us page to send us full details, we will aim to get back to you as soon as possible with the best prices we can offer for your order details and size.


Because we get all our products directly from our chosen manufacturers it is much easier for us to guarantee higher standards of quality with all our products. That said all products are checked on arrival to the U.K. and anything that falls short of the required standard is returned at this point to the manufacturer. Only once we have completed our final checks and are happy with each item as it arrives to we add it to our stock lists and not before, this helps us maintain our product standards and long lasting reputation.


No! in a word, at UK Wing Chun Supplies we want you train with and own the most authentic and highest quality training equipment possible but for training purposes only. This means for example although products like or knives are stainless steel, they do not have a sharpe edge or pointed tip so will not cut, they are for martial arts training only and only to be used by responsible practitioners in the correct environment.

Although we take great care when packaging and shipping our Wing Chun Wooden Dummies on rare occasions the dummy can pick up very minor bumps or scuffs on its way to you, unless the item is damaged beyond a level deemed unacceptable this is not normally accepted as a reason to return this product. All our dummies are traditionally hand made with a natural finish and as such no two are exactly the same, although we only use hard elm wood the kilm drying process can make some dummy trunks darker than others, sometimes even bringing out individual layers of depth and grain patterns that only ever add to each dummies uniqueness and never effecting the quality of the end product, all our dummies look fantastic and with over 4 years of supplying this product and 1000 sold in the UK alone in 2020, we have never had a dummy returned from anywhere in the world to date. Plastic packaging can produce condensation during delivery so we recommend setting the dummy up, cleaning it lightly as you unpackage it, then leaving for 24 hour to air and settle before starting to use it.




Put the base cross sections together making sure the holes that connect to the dummy are at the top, then put the 3 base bolts in.


Now put the dummy trunk on top of the base making sure it connects and is fitted correctly, now add the 6 bolts that connect the dummy to the base.


Now connect the 3 short wood pieces to the bolts holding the base and dummy together, remember the base only fits together one way so if your having trouble change them around. Now add your washers and loosely fix the bolts.


Now add the two long supporting woods that connect the back of the base together, it can be a tight fit but if it doesnt fit they are on the wrong way around, change them round and try again.


Now add the remaining washers and fix all bolts soo they are secure.


Last but not least add the dummys arms and legs, put the pines in the back and your good to go! please look at pictures below for more clarity.


We recommend a light dust and polish using standard house hold polish around once a month depending on how much you use your dummy. Do not use water!!! if you scratch or damage your dummy simply use some wood stain that matches the same colour.