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Made to Last

The Wing Chun long pole which is also known as the 6 and a half point pole, Dragon Pole or Luk Dim Boon Kwan is often regarded as one of the first weapons to be ever learned. As an historic weapon, the Wing Chun long has always been in high demand.


However, there have been shortages in supply of quality long poles that are correctly made from the original wood. These poles are employed as defensive weapons aimed at developing unarmed power generation.

A practitioner can only begin to handle the Wing Chun long pole when he or she has mastered the concept-based Chinese martial art technique of Wing Chun and has fully understood it as a form of self-defense that goes along with the grappling and striking skills especially when participating in a close-range combat.

A tapered wooden pole, Wing Chun long pole, ranges from 8 – 13 fts in length. Referred to as Six and a Half Point Pole by some branches, Wing Chun long pole derived its name (6/12 point pole) from the 7 principles of Luk Dim Boon Gwun (Ian-to expand, Tai-uprooting, wan-circle, dim-shock, got-cut down, kit-deflect, and lau-flowing) which are regularly employed during an unarmed combat.


The last principle which is known as the flowing counting or Lau is counted as half a point.


UK Wing Chun Supplies long poles are grown over 5 years at the manufactures own plantation making sure that not only is the product great but the production is sustainable and not harmful to the environment also.