Free Standing Triangle Base Wing Chun Wooden Dummy

Free Standing Triangle Base Wing Chun Wooden Dummy

Free Standing Triangle Base Wing Chun Wooden Dummy.


Our free standing Wooden Dummies are extremely good value for money as they normally retail for £450 Plus Shipping in the UK, each one hand crafted in China by our manufacturers skilled trades men. The wood is treated and kiln dried before crafted and the wood its self is grown in our manufacturers own sustainable plantations.


We have chosen this design of free standing dummies above others for a few reasons, firstly they are absolutely solid in construction but, allow the dummy arms and legs to move slightly as well when training giving some feedback.


Second although on the picture the base looks big it actually isn’t, its not to deep so doesn’t stick out to much if against a wall and best of all it fits perfectly in to most room corners making the design very practical no matter the location as well. Lastly it is simple to set up and take down making it a great choice if and when you need to transport it, unlike other designs with big fixed and hard to move parts, this one can be broken right down if needed!


This dummy height is also chosen as it is the best suited to most people big or small. All our items are shipped with trusted company’s recorded delivery and packaged well. Any other questions about this product that hasn’t been answered here please get in contact as we are happy to help.


Shipping cost is £60, if you would like to drive to Scunthorpe to collect it your self we will happerly refund this amount to you depending on what is best and cheapest for your needs. Just email us to let us know once you complete your order so we can arrange and time and day that suits you and give you the collection address.


INCLUDED FOR FREE!! Currently we are including X 2 dummy hit pads that have an RRP of £20, this is for the head and body to protect your fist if using the dummy for striking practice as well, this is a limited offer. 




Height - 170cm


Base - Width 1400mm | Depth 900mm


Trunk Width - 8 inch


Wood Type - Elm Hard Wood


Weight - 60kg


Finish - Traditional Deep Burned Red Wood.


Construction - Triangle 100% Detachable Base With Removable Arms & Legs, All Pins & Fashioning Points Included, and Dummy Arrives Ready to Use After Construction.


Dummy Maintenance - We recommend cleaning your dummy with standard wood polish & cloth when it arrives after first setting it up and once every few months there after if used regularly.




DISCLAIMER: Although we take great care when packaging and shipping our Wing Chun Wooden Dummies on rare occasions the dummy can pick up very minor bumps or scuffs on its way to you, unless the item is damaged beyond a level deemed unacceptable this is not normally accepted as a reason to return this product.