Ip Man Wing Chun, Understanding Si Lim Tao, Signed 1st Edition. (Paperback Book)

Ip Man Wing Chun, Understanding Si Lim Tao, Signed 1st Edition. (Paperback Book)



Signed 1st Edition, Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu, Understanding Si Lim Tao

Wing Chun Kung Fu is now a famous Chinese Martial Art system used worldwide for self defence and is commonly known for its simple but effective direct lines of attack and defence, as well as attention to detail in all areas, including; fight science; body structure; self development, and good health. Ip Man, through his Wing Chun Kung Fu lineage, is well known today thanks to his most famous student, Bruce Lee, following his rise to fame in the film industry.

This full colour book contains a complete guide on the first form Si Lim Tao, Ip Man Wing Chun. Using notes taken directly from seminars and private lessons over a 10 year period both in the U.K. and China, from some of the most senior practitioners alive today, Combining over 200 years’ experience on the Si Lim Tao form.

It is a complete and detailed reference of the form as a step by step guide, all applications, theory and science are included, bringing a unique and complete detailed picture of both the internal and external benefits of Si Lim Tao practise, all together for students of any lineage to benefit from in one place.

A look inside the book,

Si Lim Tao, also known as little idea form, overall it means to focus on what you’re doing at that time with a calm mind, be in the moment, develop a focus or mindfulness known as Lim Tao (Thinking Head) with the ability to problem solve calmly and logically even when under extreme pressure, like when you are in a fight for example or trying to close a difficult sale or business deal.

The little idea, however is the main focus in the form and that is, on using Lim Tao to tap in to the Fascia kinetic system of the human body harnessing its power and to develop the correct elbow engine through that and what that feels like, including developing it, learning to identify it, understanding what your feeling and maintaining that skill as the internal core of the Ip Man Wing Chun System.

This is so it can be used to generate structural strength or power generation for attacking as and when needed, using the body for combat in the most efficient way possible.

A famous student of Ip Man’s, Chu Shong Tin, was known before his passing in 2014 as the King of Si Lim Tao, under his lineage today their main focus is still on the development of Lim Tao to develop the correct Gong Lik. Although they now refer to it as Nim Tao to develop Nim Lik and the form as Si Nim Tao instead of Si Lim Tao. Another famous student to Ip Man was the late Wong Shun Leung who passed in 1997.

He was known as the king of talking hands or King of Chi Sau, it’s interesting to note that he also pointed out the importance of the correct development and understanding of the first form Si Lim Tao, as have many other well-known greats of the Wing Chun world around this time as a result of Ip Man’s teaching methods.

Sigong Ip Chun (son of Ip Man) said at a seminar we attended in China in 2012, that “If you get Si Lim Tao right you can get the rest of the forms and the system right too, but if Si Lim Tao is incorrect, nothing will be correct” This is something I still personally think about all the time. In the same seminar I asked Sigong Ip Chun, “If Ip Man was still alive today, what would he want me to preserve from the system in my school the most?” his answer was that he felt it would be the idea of little energy being able to overcome big force and again developing and understanding that which comes from correct Si Lim Tao practice.