Second Hand Dummies.


We sometimes have in stock a collection of wall mounted & freestanding second hand Wing Chun Wooden Dummies for sale depending on availability.


We only resell dummies in good working condition but because they are second hand they will have markes on them, sometimes some faiding or scratches but always complete and in working order!


We resell dummies at a set price and they are sold as seen with no returns, posted is the same as normal dummies due to size and weight, product been the same other than them not been 100% new.




Before buying this item you need to contact us directly so we can tell you current availability and what we have in stock, as well as sending you the pictures of what you can potentailly choose from and the condition of that item, once you made your mind up then you reserve the item by email and buy it using this link at the set price of £299.25.


Our resell dummy price is NOT negotiable as its the best we can do due to the costs invovled sourcing them and then reselling.


There is NO RETURNS on this item, our second hand range is sold as seen, as always you have the choice of coming to collect it in person so we can refund the delivery cost or we can deliver it for you as long as you live inside the U.K.


For more details please get in contact and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

    £450.00 Regular Price
    £299.25Sale Price