Wing Chun Knives (Baat Jaam Dao) Pro Quality

Wing Chun Knives (Baat Jaam Dao) Pro Quality

Wing Chun Knives (Baat Jaam Dao) Pro Quality


Here we have our pro quality pair of Wing Chun Knives! If you train Wing Chun then at some point you will need and won’t at least one set of knives to train with or display! Our pro quality Butterfly Swords are a great next level knife, again like our standard knives way above the quality you might normally expect for the price. These knives normally retail at £145 so grab a bargain from us before they run out!


These knives come complete with case and look amazing, slightly heavier weight for training and advanced development but they still twirl well in the hand, the grip and feel is awesome, all in all we give these knives 9 out of 10 for quality, construction and price.




WEIGHT – 1.5kg.


BLADE SIZE – 31cm.


BLADE TYPE - chopper.


MATERIAL TYPE – stainless steel with bronze handle.




USER RATEING – 9 out of 10.



Our manufacture hand makes all the knives we sell and so the finish, weight and construction can be slightly different for each set, not that you would ever notice unless you was to buy 10 of the same type for example but, we still wanted to explain this so it is clear before you buy them, to date we have never had a return on this product.