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The legend of the Wing Chun wooden dummy is that it came about when 108 separate wooden dummies from the Shaolin Temple Hall of Wooden Men were combined into one by the nun Ng Mui in an effort to make training more efficient and effective by taking 108 forms and turning in to 108 movements with 108 principles.

Created by Ip Man, the Hong Kong wooden dummy is a wall mounted version of the dummy. In 1949, Ip Man and his daughter fled from Foshan to Hong Kong. Life in Hong Kong was very different than life in Foshan.


Ip Man likely lived in a large single level home in Foshan, but had to live in a very small apartment in Hong Kong.


Outdoor spaces were extremely rare in the city and it is said that Ip Man created the Hong Kong version to fit the needs of apartment living. The older versions of the wooden dummy were originally placed permanently in the ground.


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